ues daytime date guide

ues daytime date guide

I'm a huge date planner- I love stumbling upon authentic local restaurants or charming dessert spots to try. And in New York, there's nothing quite like putting on a fabulous new outfit and heading somewhere candlelit for a glass of wine (my favorite date night look = little black dress (BCBG Max Azria bodycon) + gold chain heels (Lanvin 2017 resort)). 

But lately, my dates have looked a lot different. My boyfriend works for Google and in recent months, has spent a lot more time traveling than at home. Spending much more time apart has been hard for both of us, but I like to think we're navigating the best we can (I'm planning a future post on tricks for dating long distance so stay tuned).

Red eye flights every other weekend are exhausting and battling jet lag to stay awake during our time together is a challenge- but the past seven months have really helped us grow. For me, the biggest change I've seen in myself is in my flexibility. This week has been a great example of adaptability in action and I thought it would be fun to share. 


Here's Our Playlist: It's Strange (Louis the Child),Coffee (Sylvan Esso), Bad Love (Sean Paul + Ellie Goulding) Pork Soda (Glass Animals) Lovehappy (The Carters), Doves in the Wind (SZA), In My Bed (Amy Winehouse), Foreplay (Jalen Santoy), Skywalker (Miguel) New Person, Same Old Mistakes (Tame Impala) 


Here's What's in My Bag: Aloe (I use it instead of lotion, it's so healing and makes my legs look shiny and fresh in shorts), Rituals blue-pink lipstick (this is my absolute favorite beauty brand- expect a full product roundup in the future), and a picnic blanket (allows for spontaneity if you're walking around and spot somewhere you'd rather sit and enjoy. Here's a pretty one I like from Anthropologie

Here's the time frame we had to work with:

- His flight landed at Laguardia at around 2am on Sunday (technically Monday morning)

-we had 2 days to spend together before his early morning flight out on Wednesday

-I work full time (10-6 in midtown)

- He's pretty much constantly on call and we often have to pause what we're doing for a bit so he can VC a meeting or take a phone call

...so you can see where every minute counts here, and we don't have very many minutes.

Buying concert tickets and making reservations doesn't work for us anymore given his unpredictable schedule and the impending exhaustion that comes with it. I stayed up late to see him Sunday and went into work hours early the next day, so I could leave the office and spend more time with him in the afternoon. If my explanation sounds hectic, that's because it is.  

We're both wiped by 10 pm lately - and dragging myself to a West Village restaurant in heels fighting to stay awake over cocktails and bolero feels like more of a chore than a treat (side note, when his schedule becomes more normal and cocktails and bolero are made great again, the best place for them is right here).

Besides, when the time I spend with him is so limited, it's nice to eliminate distractions. I'm not interested in hearing live music or seeing a film- I really just want to talk and catch up when I'm not nodding off . Enter the day date. Sneakers over sandals, happy hour instead of late night, here's a fun itinerary for an afternoon date on the Upper East Side: 


Blockheads:  this is one of my favorite low-key dinner spots. A super casual but growing cal-mex chain (the original is in Chelsea- that's actually where we went on a first date), Blockheads is a great place for a no-fuss weeknight dinner date. They've got all the basics- burritos, tacos, quesadillas (that's my pick..think goat cheese, steak and avocado), and let's not forget frozen margaritas. They have great happy hour specials ($4 margs) on weeknights starting at 4pm, so plan accordingly for a late lunch so you can catch it (we did). 

Local Parks: There are plenty of great public parks in the city that are perfect for a casual date, and I'm lucky enough to live across the street from one of my favorites. St. Catherine's is quiet, tucked behind a school in Lenox Hill. It's filled with sturdy cement tables with bench seating and is one of my favorite places to sit and read, make a to-do list for my week or call a friend. I also find something about parks to be really flirty and romantic- so they're also a great pick for a daytime date. My boyfriend and I are big on sports so when we're traveling (or in this case when we're home) we often pack a football or something in my bag to bring along for a day of exploring (one of my favorite memories is playing soccer with him on the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial during DC's cherry blossom festival). 


The Beekman Theatre-  this adorable theater is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. People call it 'an enduring neighborhood movie house' which I love, because the vibe really fits that description. It's super old fashioned and doesn't feel commercial and impersonal like other large chains sometimes can. You buy your tickets and actually wait in a little line outside the theater until the show is about to start. Something about it is a little more charming than normal spots, but they do have all your essentials, concessions, etc., and they take Movie Pass. So if your day is winding down and you want to relax, but aren't quite ready to call it a day and head home to climb in bed, it's a good Upper East Side date gem, right on the corner of 66th and 2nd. 

So that was our no-fuss date day. Very simple, no new outfit, no reservations- just quality time spent outdoors on a beautiful day (and he got me a bouquet of peonies for my kitchen on the walk home). 

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