athena club

athena club

When prioritizing stress-free living, two concepts I value are simplification and routine. I like to know what I'm doing each day before I get up in the morning, and find this is a great way to anticipate obligations and to-do lists before I find myself surprised by a busy schedule I wasn't prepared for.

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When it comes to my professional life, I use the Google Calendar to plan out my day every morning (we use plenty of additional project management tools as a team- I'll be sure to share a future post on those). As soon as I get into the office, I make a cup of coffee, grab a lemon LunaBar then plug hourly and midday deadlines for myself into Google's calendar app.

Here's an example of what a given day might look like- you'll see three things I'd love to get done, broken out into their own blocks of time, with deadlines assigned to each. With this free tool, I can color coordinate based on the type of task I'm planning, and I can also adjust my settings to send alerts to my phone when these deadlines are approaching.

It's easy to tell myself I'll type up that report by noon, then get distracted until I'm saying 'I'll do that first thing tomorrow' on the way home. It's much easier to stay accountable and productive throughout the day when I get text notifications like "content report due in 40 minutes." 


The more I discover and take advantage of helpful organizational tools such as this one, the less I wind up feeling bombarded when life throws new obligations my way.

And as a woman working full time while balancing my own side projects and social life, the last thing I need is for my time of the month to become some forgotten burden that pops up and throws me off course when I have things to get done. Enter Athena Club. 

For less than $7 a month, this subscription service will literally make sure you never forget to buy tampons ever again. They're currently offering members 18-packs of tampons starting at $6.50 per month (shipping is completely free).


Living in New York, everything is more expensive- I'm used to paying up to $14 for a box of tampons at the grocery store across from my apartment. But even compared to cheaper online options, AthenaClub is still a win (other online vendors sell 18-packs for $10+). 

Not only are these less expensive, you can actually time your shipments to your cycle, so you know that little pink bag will be waiting for you in the mail exactly two days before you'll be needing it every month. You can also customize your order based on the sizes you prefer (some women might want all 18 regular sized, others might want 10 light and 8 super- it's entirely up to your comfort and preferences). While the 18 pack is their standard option, you can adjust not only quantity but also product type depending on how much you need and what you're most comfortable using (they even have an organic option). 

AthenaClub is such a fantastic idea for busy women who don't need just another thing to worry about every month, and who certainly don't need to be caught off guard and unprepared in the middle of a hectic week.

If you're considering adding AthenaClub to your organizational roster, you can use the code MICHELLE799 at checkout to try it free for your first month. 

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