book club

book club

Need reading and listening suggestions for this month?

If you’re already busy throughout the week but want to make time to participate in a book club, check out #KeepIt100LD for a great happy medium. Lena Dunham’s new social media-based book club is aptly named in that she chooses reads of 100 pages max- something even the busiest of us can make time for.

While you’re welcome to host in-person #KeepIt100LD groups with friends over cocktails and snacks, the great thing about this group is that you can also stay in the conversation via social media when you’re on the go, just by using her hashtag for your own posts, or by browsing what others have uploaded to gain the ever-valuable perspective of a stranger. September’s book is BINTI, by Nnedi Okorafor.


Want to get into a creepy Halloween mood? My Favorite Murder is the perfect podcast to listen to as the weather cools off.


A weekly true crime series hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, this incredibly popular pod has listeners on every continent (yes, even Antarctica- it’s that good).

It’s been raining a bunch in New York lately, so binge-ing this podcast has been our go-to indoor activity. I link my phone to the Bluetooth speakers, grab some beers and snuggle on the couch for an afternoon as we listen to these well-spoken ladies unpack the drama and secrets of various murders throughout history.

The Read

Whenever something happens in the pop culture world, my first thought is that I wonder what they’ll have to say about it on this week’s episode of The Read. This is a great pod for the workday because the episodes are nice and long, sometimes over two hours, so you’ll forget how productive you’ve been throughout the afternoon as you’re laughing along.

To call this a pop culture podcast would not do justice to the incredibly articulate, thought-provoking words these two bring from a black, queer perspective. On all things from Colin Kaepernick and LGBTQ rights to Cardi throwing her shoe at the Harper's Bazaar party last week, Kid Fury and Crissle have such on point, hilarious perspective time and time again (they’ve been sharing new episodes since 2013).

Something Old


I have always been a big fan of comics and illustrations. A few weeks after I met my now boyfriend of 2 years, he went out on a limb and surprised me with a Calvin and Hobbes watercolor print for my apartment- to this day it’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten.

Puuung is a great modern illustrator worth checking out. A female artist based in Korea, her popular “Love Is” drawing and animation series is well-known across social media in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt. The series documents loving, everyday moments between a couple.

This week though, my focus is on Meghan Lloyd. Based in rural Pennsylvania, she is a children's book illustrator whose love of nature is so beautifully brought to life through her paintings.

Too Many Pumpkins was one of my favorite books as a kid. I have a September birthday and every year my mom would bring pumpkin muffins into my elementary school class, along with this book, which she’d read aloud as a special birthday treat. It’s one of my favorite memories. A few weeks ago, we found a used copy of Too Many Pumpkins on Thriftbooks,


Flipping through these pictures was super nostalgic for me, so I stacked it alongside some seasonal cookbooks and candles on our wooden coffee table to add some autumn energy to the space. What are you reading and listening to as fall sneaks up on us?

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