k town

k town

On West 32nd Street between Madison and Sixth you'll find k-town, a truly magical block of the city and an absolute must visit. 


Featuring stores stacked on stores with glowing restaurant signs, spas and skincare stops, k-town is packed with independently run establishments all crammed onto a bustling block that exudes the sights and sounds of Seoul itself. 

If you're really looking for a unique experience, it might be worth making your trip a late-night one- about 15 of their restaurants stay open 24 hours and it's fun to see the block all lit up.  

If you've never been to this part of the city before and you want to get the most out of your trip, here are a few fun stops worth making.  


Mandoo Bar is a vegetarian-friendly Korean restaurant located right off 5th avenue. Handmade Korean dumplings are made in the front window of this teeny-tiny restaurant so passersby can watch from the street. 

The food is delicious and cheap (you can get 10 dumplings filled with pork, veggies, shrimp, crab, etc. for $11) and I highly recommend you stop here for lunch during your visit. 


A bit further west you'll find Koryo Books, a Korean bookstore worth browsing for tons of cute authentic stickers, albums, pens, photo cards, postcards, posters, all that good stuff. 

Koryo has a large open layout and is connected to what used to be called TonyMoly (a popular Korean beauty store). Though I noticed TonyMoly's name was gone from the door when I stopped in today, they still sell TonyMoly's great products and tons of other ones too. I'm a sucker for fabulous package design and Soko has become a global epicenter for adorable products of all kinds- like these cute lip balms I found today. 

download (9).png

Finally, if you're wrapping up your afternoon and in the mood to grab a cocktail, you absolutely have to head over to Pocha 32

You'll find it above a wireless phone store, tucked up on the second floor of tiny building right off of 5th.

The front wall of Pocha is fully windowed, so if you're lucky you'll grab a seat there and you can watch all the traffic and commotion down below while you relax and sip your authentic watermelon soju. 

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