How to Get the Spanish-Modern Look

How to Get the Spanish-Modern Look

Nonagon is a digital platform packed with helpful info, inspiration and ideas for designing your dream home- whether you're starting from scratch or just making finishing touches. 

I recently guest wrote a tutorial on their blog called How to Get the Modern Spanish Look at Home

This is something I've always wanted to incorporate into my own space. I currently live in a 3 bedroom apartment in a prewar building on the Upper East Side. For those who aren't quite sure, there are basically 3 ways to classify New York apartments: 

1. pre-war- anything built before WWII

2. post-war- built after WWII but before the 1990's

3. new construction- anything built since  

New construction is definitely tempting (bigger closets, airy open floor plan), but I've always had a thing for the pre-war look. Pre war buildings have so much old New York character. Plus, they're known for unpredictable floor plans - high ceilings, unexpected stairwells, split levels, exposed brick, arched door frames, you name it. Some people see these things as outdated, but I personally think that with the right corresponding design, they're exactly the sort of intricacies that make a home special. 

The interior of my building really lends itself to Hygge more than anything else, so that's what I'm working with now (think huge Anthropologie area rugs, a handmade wooden coffee table, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a cerulean accent wall). I'm looking to move in the next 3 years, and I really have my sights on a newly constructed space where I can make Spanish Modern work for me. 

From antique pottery to Talavera tiles, there are so many vibrant accents that draw me to this breezy-bright style. You should check out nonagon's blog for my full tutorial, but here's a round-up of design inspo you can browse to get started: 

1. Accents

Spanish Style Image 2.jpg

via Etsy


2. Fabrics


3. Furniture  


I'll be sure to photograph my current space for a future post to better discuss how I worked with the bread and butter of my building to achieve a Hygge-romantic style, but in the meantime- this is what I've got my eyes on for the future. 

When I eventually make the move, it'll be great to share before, during and after shots of a full scale design- and Spanish-Modern is definately where that's headed. 

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